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GrandVJ now supports the NuVJ Video Mixer as MIDI controller with feedback. With your NuVJ console you can now take advantage of GrandVJ’s eight video layers, numerous effects, visual generators and all the other advanced features from ArKaos' professional VJing software.

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GrandVJ with NuVJ

The ArKaos Blog features an article with some tips on how to get the best out of GrandVJ when controlling it with the NuVJ Video Mixer, you will also find more information in the GrandVJ Release Notes PDF document which installs with GrandVJ.

ArKaos Blog


If needed, you can download the last NuVJ software installers from the table below. GrandVJ can be downoaded from the ArKaos web site.

PC Version info Download
PC Windows: .msi
Updated Apr. 16 2010
Version 1.5.1 - 90.5 Mb
System requirements

Download PC Version

Mac Version info Download
PC Mac OS X: .dmg
Updated Apr. 16 2010
Version 1.5.1 - 114.00 Mb
System requirements

Download Mac Version

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Register your NuVJ

If you have not already done so, you can still register your NuVJ on this web site to get an exclusive download of additionnal clips for your mixes!

Be sure to have your NuVJ console and the software installation CD (with the serial number) near you and click the button below to go to the registration form.

A few minutes after registering you will get a confirmation e-mail from us and later we'll send you another e-mail with instructions to download a bunch of additionnal clips that are not on your NuVJ DVD (see below).

Register your NuVJ